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Finding The Right Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

Finding the right girl that you want to spend your life with is definitely not easy being there are just endless of choices. That is why if you have a girlfriend now and you are sure that she is the one, then take your relationship to the next level. Don’t be afraid to go to her parents, especially to her father to ask her hand in marriage, because parents’ approval is very important. If her parents agree, then the next step that you should do is plan for the unforgettable proposal that you could give her, ask your friends to help you with this.

Before doing the unforgettable proposal that you planned for her with the help of your friends, look for the best engagement ring that you could give her. Looking for the best engagement ring for your girlfriend is another challenging task and it could be tricky. So here’s the guide to find the perfect engagement ring:

- First, when buying a engagement ring, make sure that she won’t know a thing about it if you want it to be a surprise. Tell your plan to her close friends and let them help you make her busy but make sure they won’t ruin your plan.

- Next, since you don’t want her to know about the engagement ring, getting her ring size will be a tough job without her noticing but it is not impossible to do. There are two ways, you can ask her mom or probably a sister if she has, or even her best friend to do this part. If you want to do it yourself to be sure you have the right size, you can get one of her rings that she rarely used and bring it with you.



- Before going to the jewelry store, you have to consider your budget. We all know that engagement rings are very expensive. You have to make a budget as by doing this it would make it easier for you and for the jeweler to help you choose the engagement ring that you can afford.

- There are a number of options when it comes to engagement rings; you should know what her preference is. Make some observations; take her out on a date and when there is a jewelry store that is near, pretend that you are looking for something. While pretending, check her out your girlfriend very carefully and look what she is staring at. Or you can just simply observe her jewelries and you can get an idea from it.

Make sure that when choosing a diamond ring; you must consider what they call the four C’s which are the clarity, cut, the color and weight of the carat. Then choose the shape of the diamond carefully, since it is considered as a sign of love for your girlfriend. After carefully choosing the shape of the diamond, choose what color of the engagement ring band your girlfriend likes and decide on where to place the diamond.